Some of our Amsoil promotional activities throughout the year:

Some of our events we attended throughout 2005, please scroll down.

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For more up to date and larger pictures of our Unimog, Click here.

The NH Veteran AMSOIL plate is on our 1997 Saturn that currently has 446,000+ miles on it, lubricated exclusively with Amsoil 0W-30 Series 2000 Engine oil and Amsoil Universal ATF. It has had an Amsoil Long Life Air Filter since new.

The regular NH AMSOIL plate survives on out 1987 Land Rover Range Rover. It had 114,000 miles on it when we converted it to Amsoil. It now shifts better than when we got it and went from 16 MPG to 20 MPG. It has 0W-30 Amsoil Series 2000 in the engine, Amsoil ATF in the tranny and Amsoil 75W-90 in the gearboxes.

The NH AMSOIL trailer plate is on our Swiss Army trailer.

The Antique AMSOIL plate is getting a little beat up on our 1972 Land Rover Lightweight. We have converted everything except for the anti-freeze. That will be soon.

We ran out of NH Amsoil plates we could get. So now we have NH UNIMOG on our 1966 Mercedes Benz 404S Unimog Funkwagen (radio van). It has Amsoil lubricants and Anti-Freeze throughout. Made a huge difference in lowering gearbox temps and increasing power. It's like having another much needed gear.



Our Land Rover Lighweight at the Motorcycle Rodeo at the annual motorcycle weekend in Colebrook, NH. We towed our 2 wheel drive Rokon Trailbreaker to the event in the trailer.




Midpoint at Climb to the Clouds. An auto race to the top of Mount Washington, NH, involving vintage cars. 

We help with Ham Radio communications for safety, crowd control and other info. This is at a lower spectator point. 

Fourth of July Parade, Lancaster, NH, getting ready to go.

Maine Forest Rally, the night before in Sunday River Parking lot.

The Unimog and Amsoil Logo overshadows cars and small trucks.

Maine Forest Rally, Parc Expose' Spectators come to see the competitors and support teams.

We provide Ham radio communications and recovery of race cars and/or spectator vehicles.


Another view of the Parc Expose', Mexico, Maine.

One of the racers.

Set up at the first day repair station, Ogunquit, Maine.

Following that portion of the race, my radio duties were done for the day, (so I thought).

That's the Outdoor Life Network on the left recording for the show.

The Unimog is doing its' job, attracting people.

Went to help extract this sweep vehicle that had gone around a curve a little too fast.

I recommended they get a professional wrecker to limit damage. Then was asked by

some folks for a tug from a hole about a mile away. Scroll down. By the way, no

humans were injured in the creation of these pictures, before or after.

The night after the first day of racing. Had some fun pulling out some locals from a mud hole.

Met some excellent folks for Amsoil here too!

Ready to pull!

Set up at the middle of the race, in Errol, New Hampshire, where crews repair their cars to go on.

Some of the view from the Mog in Errol, NH.

The end of the last stage, taken from the Unimog.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere on a logging road in or near Success, New Hampshire.

We hosted 2005 Mogfest in Lancaster and the surrounding area.

Think one Mog attracts a crowd? Try three.

George Bull, trying a sand hill in his U-1300L. Didn't make it.

I'm taking pictures from the top after driving over it (and making hard to follow ruts).

Not quite! Nat Lee's 404 Wrecker stops here.

The Mogs parked at Emerson's Outdoor Outfitters, in Groveton, NH. George gave a presentation on his

wedding trip from South Africa to Kenya and back in his Unimog parked in the middle here. Along the way

we answered questions about Unimogs, Africa, Amsoil, etc. Oh yea, that yellow thing is NOT a Unimog.

Getting food in downtown Groveton, NH.

Folks in Africa really got a kick out of George's Moose sticker

and his New Hampshire "Live Free or Die" license plate!

Some of the places we went all we met were black flies and bears.

Looking north towards Percy Peaks.

For more up to date and larger pictures of our Unimog, Click here.

Every summer, the Abare family invites all the Freshmen Norwich Military Academy Cadets (Rooks)

to a day of fun and relaxation. The Green Mountain Military Vehicle Club I belong to gives the Rooks

rides in our vehicles on the trails on the Abare homestead.

Providing Ham Radio communication at the New York International Rally in the Catskills.

Checking out one of the stages early in the morning ahead of the race. This 1997 Saturn

has 446,000+ miles on it as of 21 November, 2005.

In the parking area at Monticello Raceway at the end of the race.

The day before, I got to pound the Saturn over some blocked off dirt rally roads at speed. Fun.

Some people think I baby this car. NO. It gets beaten and thrashed at every opportunity.

Every day it is driven, the engine sees redline many times.

Its Amsoil 0W-30 engine oil gets changed every 35,000 miles (or more), Amsoil oil filters,

every 12,000 or so, Amsoil long life air filter, never, Amsoil ATF, once.

This is just a smattering of the events we've been to with the Unimog in 2005.

For more up to date and larger pictures of our Unimog, Click here.

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If you arrived here stuck in someone else's frames...use this link to break free!


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